Our Technology

SMC is very well versed in developing enterprise software solutions on a .Net platform. If your organization is looking for a robust, scalable and secure software design that uses .NET development best practices, the SMC IT team is here to help. Our engineers are highly experienced in integrating, deploying and supporting multiple technologies addressing each aspect of the development life cycle. We have 20+ years of experience in the following industries:

Car Rental

We custom developed sophisticated and easy-to-use web-based total management software for managing small and large vehicle fleets across North America. This included a Centralized Reservations System with integration into the various Global Distribution Systems (GDS), online travel portals (Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz) and national call center operations.


We custom developed and supported the first cloud-based "omni-channel" Central Reservations System for the parking industry; airports, seaports, hotels, and municipalities. Additionally, we custom developed and supported a comprehensive revenue management application, loyalty rewards solution and online monthly payment system for reoccurring transactions.

The above industries require high quality, secure, technically robust solutions to meet market challenges as it pertains to critical mission operations 24/7.


We have also custom developed software in other industries, such as, lodging, storage, golf, recreation and automotive.