Online Reservations System

Real-time Central Reservation System

SMC Software provides a robust private-label Centralized Reservation System (CRS) ideally suited for a stand-alone operation or a multi-location organization. Because our online reservation software operates in the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there is never any software or servers to install or maintain. The user needs nothing but a personal computer and internet access to manage the CRS.

SMC's reservation software is enterprise grade and can seamlessly integrate with a back-office system; thus, it provides real-time information to a branded website and various marketing channels. SMC's CRS makes it easy for management to accurately maintain multiple rates and availability from all points, and acts as a neutral centralized system for real-time data processing to accurately track data, measure results and analyze consumer demographics. Moreover, to support marketing initiatives, the CRS allows management to implement timely and effective revenue-generating strategies.

Parking Point-of-Sale (POS) Management System

Real-time Online Reservations System

Parking Point-of-Sale (POS) Management System. Seamlessly integrated into our CRS, SMC developed a powerful web-based Point-of Sale (POS) Revenue Management System specifically to help parking operators manage and streamline daily information. The POS/RMS is a fully integrated back-office system that allows information to flow smoothly from one database to the other in real time. The POS/RMS is an affordable, cutting-edge, web-based point-of-sale management system designed to help businesses quickly process tickets, manage revenue, mitigate cash slippage and accurately produce detailed reports for forecasting, calculating and capturing customer and financial data in a real-time environment. The POS/RMS offers dynamic pricing, capacity control features and other services while leveraging historical data to simplify yield management strategies.

Whether operating a small facility or multi-location enterprise, SMC offers a solution to meet your management needs. The SMC POS/RMS solution provides the ability to maintain an entire business strategy on one easy-to-use web-based platform. While delivering a new approach to a rapidly evolving market, this single point of accountability drives increased profitability and customer efficiencies whether operating on a local, regional or global scale.